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About Me

    Collector of hobbies, philomath, technophile, economist, Trekkie, data slut, cryptocurrency enthusiast, oenophile, adventurer, South African.

    I am the co-founder of a tech startup that uses blockchain-based technology to fight digital piracy. I have a Masters in Economics from Stellenbosch University where I studied at the MIH Media Lab.


Custos Media Techologies

COO and co-founder. Custos fights digital piracy with cutting edge proprietary Bitcoin-based technology.


[previous] Co-founder. Auconomy was a blockchain consulting and research company run by myself and Simon de la Rouviere.

MIH Media Lab

[previous] Researcher. The MIH Media Lab is the leading cross-disciplinary new media post-graduate research lab in Africa. I completed my Masters in Economics there. My thesis focussed on estimating the second-round impact of digital piracy on the income of film producers.